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Meet the team at aquajet below!

Des Willis

Des is the owner of the business with 60 years experience in the engineering and automotive trade. He has been involved in numerous businesses both locally and internationally.  He now spends his days relaxing in the office playing freecell.

Lee Holt

Lee has a wealth of experience running small business’.  Having been an owner of a Motorcycle business, MD of a motorcycle hire firm and a sales manager for an Aprilla dealership, he has great experience understanding what the client wants. Having been a production manager for a laser cutting company and also running an engine test department at a large heavy horse power engine manufacturer, this helps contribute to working within the Aquajet production process. He has been production manager at Aquajet for two and a half years.


Martin Willis

Martin is our resident artist who apart from being creative with paint and sculptures is also our design and engineering consultant. With 14 years experience in design and building bespoke machinery for the automotive industry he has vast knowledge to draw on to assist customers in overcoming production issues.

William Wilson

Brought into Aquajet to take care of day to day production and maintenance on the shop floor. With his wealth of mechanical and electrical knowledge he is responsible for making sure everything works as it should to ensure Aquajet customers get their parts on time every  time.

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